2021 State of Our Lakes


State Of Our Lakes luncheon Aug 7th, 2021

The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance, in conjunction with the Town of Rome and Tri-Lakes Management Association, will host the Annual State of Our Lakes luncheon at the Rome Town Center – 274 Geneva Trail on Saturday, Aug 7th, at 9:00 am through 1:00 pm.  Lunch and door prizes will be provided and a silent auction for art, golf and other items of interest will be held (cash or check preferred, but our website will do PayPal or credit card). 

Presentations and exhibits will focus on the state of our lakes and the 14-Mile Creek watershed that feeds them, and how we protect them. 

Tracy Hames, Executive Director of WI Wetlands Association, will speak about the value wetlands provide to our lakes and watershed, and 14 Mile DNR advisor Scott Provost will share what our testing tells us to date, and some things we are doing to remediate the causes of Blue-Green Algae.  Dave Trudeau will cover the Healthy Lakes program and our success in obtaining grants to cover a portion of lakefront owners’ cost of shoreline improvements to help water quality.

Rome lakes area property owners and stakeholders within our watershed are invited to attend.  Please bring your lawn chair and plan to arrive by 9:30 to get your ticket for lunch and door prizes.

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