Potential New Technology for the Rome Lakes

The Tri-Lakes Management District board has been actively pursuing solutions or resolutions to combat the current poor condition of our 3 lakes. The lakes are considered eutrophic, meaning they are rich in nutrients and so supporting a dense plant population, the decomposition of which kills animal life by depriving it of oxygen. This is a […]

Dead Fish on Lake Camelot

Dead Fish on Lake Camelot Information about Columnaris and fish die-offs from Columnaris provided by DNR Fish Biologist Jennifer Bergman. Columnaris is a common and widespread bacterial disease of freshwater fish caused by the bacteria Flavobacterium columnare, which can cause yellow-brown or white lesions on the skin, fins and gills of fish. Columnaris outbreaks are a normal […]

Clean Water Now Referendum

Adams County Approves “Clean Water Now”. Advisory referendum question will be on fall election ballots FRIENDSHIP, WI — Last night the Adams County Board voted 14-5 to approve adding a Clean Water Now referendum question to local ballots on November 8. An advisory referendum question will give Adams County residents a chance to express their […]

Joan Kramer Award

Joan Kramer – Joan is a sweet lady who lives on the 14 Mile in an area that is very difficult for us to access for testing.  She believes in our work protecting the watershed and has given us access through her property so we can safely and effectively perform our monthly sampling.  We are […]

Owen Rock Cranberries Award

Owen Rock Cranberries – Mark Mahoney, owner, and Jim Bielmeier, marsh manager, hosted a tour of their marsh this fall.  They have the same concerns with over-abundance of Nitrates in the water as we have.  Excess Nitrates in the water makes for leggy cranberry plants resulting in less growth of berries.  For us, it’s Blue-Green […]

Heartland Farms Award

Heartland Farms – Jeremie and Alicia Pavelski help run one of the largest crop farms in Wisconsin. You’ve seen the signs all over our area. Jeremie and Alicia hosted us for a tour of their farm and operations facility this summer. They are the new generation, utilizing technology to farm more efficiently, economically, and eco-friendly. […]

Beach Club Recommendations

Beach Club Recommendations Posted November 18. 2021 The Adams County Land & Water Conservation Department (LWCD) received a grant from the Wisconsin DNR to survey and create a shoreline protection plan for each beach club located on the Tri Lakes. These beach clubs make up 11% of all waterfront property/shorelines on the lakes. It is […]

DNR Healthy Watersheds Initiative

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today announced the department is launching its Healthy Watersheds, High-Quality Waters initiative to protect the state’s waters. Wisconsin is home to approximately 17,000 lakes, 650 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, 86,000 miles of streams and 5.3 million acres of additional wetlands. The DNR is committed to […]