Committee Person of the Year

Dear John,

You have been chosen as the 14 Mile Creek Watershed Committee Person of The Year.  You stand out among the many dedicated volunteers on this citizen committee.  As a member from day 1, you’re the first to volunteer and the last to leave when the work is done.  Your commitment to monthly water testing over the past three years formed the baseline for the Nine Key Element Plan application, along with your help with soil testing and healthy lakes projects at Lakes Camelot and Sherwood.  Receiving approval of the Nine Key Element Plan this year and receiving the DNR Secretary/Directors award confirms the importance of your work. 

Your motivation to preserve our water for future generations is admirable, John.  You walk your talk.  Your relationship building with stakeholders in the upstream watershed is commendable and your involvement as a member of the Adams County Drainage Board is further evidence of your dedication

So, this recognition is well deserved by you, John.  Your involvement has made a difference for everyone in the watershed and we owe you a big Thank you!

Don Ystad, Chairman 14 Mile Creek Watershed Joint Committee