How You Can Help

1. Stay up to date on clean water initiatives by FOLLOWING the 14 Mile Watershed Alliance Facebook page (@14MileWatershed) and routinely checking the 14 Mile website ( to find out what we are doing to protect the waters of our watershed, and how you can be a part of the solution.

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2. Follow the guidelines laid out in our brochure on Lawn Fertilizers.  You can find your copy online here  or at the Town of Rome vestibule.

3. Take direct action and become a CLEAN WATER COOPERATOR!  Show that you care about the health of our waters by pledging to follow proven fertilizer guidelines that can help keep our waters healthy.  For your commitment, you will receive a beautiful CLEAN WATER COOPERATOR sign to proudly show your support.

4. Apply for a HEALTHY LAKES GRANT!  This is a great program that is subsidized by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  This program provides applicants funds and expert guidance to beautify their shorelines with gorgeous native wildflowers. This will allow you to do less lawn mowing, create a beautiful shoreline and humanely deter geese. The long roots of the plants will naturally filter the excess nutrients from entering our lake waters, which prevents overgrowth of algae and the more toxic blue-green algae. 

Learn more about Healthy Lakes Grants                               Learn more about shoreland restoration

Please email Dave Trudeau for more information:


5. Prevent Polluted Runoff – There are a variety of steps you can take to prevent polluted runoff from your own property. See the full BROCHURE.

6. Consider Volunteering to help with our work- Click here to learn more.