Every good organization needs good, qualified people to move their cause forward. 

The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance is no exception.  If you fit our needs and we fit yours,

let’s see what happens!

The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance is Hiring*

(*Well, maybe not REALLY hiring, just looking for qualified volunteers.  We have needs, you know!  If you have any of the skills listed, maybe made a career out of these skills and now want to put them to work to do some good for your community, then yes, we’re looking for you!  If you are good at something else and just want to help, then we need you too.  About the ‘hiring’ thing – whatever we’re paying you your first year as a volunteer with us, we’ll double it the next year.  Just don’t spend it all in one place!) 

Here are the skills we need:

You will be challenged in the work we do but have the knowledge you are involved in something that helps preserve our water resources while protecting your investment for yourself and your children!

Here’s a little synopsis of each of our target skills:

Graphics:  Part of our very important communications and education responsibilities, people learn visually, with the spoken voice or by reading.  Either way, we need to tell a story and communicate data while helping people decide to protect these 56,000 acres of water resources in the watershed.  Should know how to use the most current graphics software and interpret our message graphically.  I mean, just look at this landing page!  We need your help! 

Social Media Coordinator:  Will need to know your way around the most popular social media platforms, work with graphics to communicate, write our story, and get the message out on a timely basis. 

Public Relations:  Understand how best to communicate and educate stakeholders, deliver data so it can be understood, and control the message. 

Farm Science:  The majority of our 56,000 acres of the watershed is some form of farm, be it cranberries, potatoes, grazing pasture or other crops.  These producers are a valuable asset to the community and provide the food we eat!  The Alliance needs to see how these stakeholders of the watershed can get what they need to be successful while keeping the watershed useful for all. 

Government Relations:  In the course of our work, we are routinely engaged with different federal/state governmental agencies, counties and municipalities.  Most are partners – the rest need to be! 

Water Sciences:   The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance has tested our lakes, rivers and streams to collect the data needed to make a difference in the quality of our water.  Nutrients play a big role in everything producers do and in the health of our water resources but nutrients can be a detriment to others.  We always need a better understanding of the science behind all of this.  More importantly, we need to work to find solutions. 

Education:  We already have a foothold in our local schools and work with several of the campuses of U Wisconsin.  Use your education background to help educate property owners, and producers as well. 

Grant Writer:  Most everything we do takes funding, sometimes a lot of it.  As a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit, we have had some good successes in the past but we need to do more.  Most of what we need to do in the future will take more money and better organized data.  You could help. 

Data Management:  The 14 Mile Watershed Alliance does its share of lake, river and stream testing and has for years.  That data and even more from our partners need to be used to take bigger steps to affect nutrient levels in our watershed.  There’s a lot of data already available and we’re also pulling it into the Alliance.  What’s not there, we’re going to go get! 

Event & Program Management:  We already produce several events each year, the largest is our ‘State of Our Lakes’ annual event each June.  We are looking at doing more in the coming years. 

Did you find something that fits your background? If you did, please fill out and SEND the form below and let’s talk. We’re good people. Really!

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