Clean Water Cooperators

Clean Water Cooperator Program

Learn about the Clean Water Cooperator program Take direct action and become a CLEAN WATER COOPERATOR!  Show that you care about the health of our waters by pledging to follow proven fertilizer guidelines that can help keep our waters healthy.  For your commitment, you will receive a beautiful CLEAN WATER COOPERATOR sign to proudly show your support.

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Clean Water Cooperator – August 2019

Shortly after moving to Lake Camelot late in 2004, Barb started working at Tri-Lakes Management District. Her job exposed her to learning the importance of shoreline buffers and inspired her to ‘do her part’ to help the health of the lake.  

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Clean Water Cooperator – July 2019

Gene and Laurie have been residents for many years. In 2009, they took notice of the changes at Lake Sherwood. They became aware that a change in habit and behavior was necessary if the lake was to return to its former glory.  

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