Lake Testing Volunteers

Lake Arrowhead

  • Ron Taub
  • Phil Rockenbach

Lake Sherwood

  • Tracey Wegner
  • Mike Schill

Lake Camelot

  • Sue and Carl Alberti
  • To be determined

For more information, or to volunteer, please send email to

Volunteers Needed for Lake Water Testing on Lake Camelot

Here is a great opportunity to support the community efforts to improve the water quality of our lakes. The 14-Mile Watershed Joint Committee is looking for volunteers to perform monthly water testing on Lake Camelot (teams for Lake Arrowhead and Sherwood are already in place). This water testing is performed as part of the Wisconsin DNR Citizen Lake Monitoring Network.

  • We are looking for two volunteers from Lake Camelot.
  • To ensure availability throughout the summer months, volunteers should be permanent residents.
  • Two volunteers are necessary for each lake for safety and to ensure that sampling can be performed in the absence of one of the team members. Therefore each person on the team will need access to a boat in case one team member is unavailable on the day of testing. Pontoon boats are ideal, but not essential.
  • The water sampling is performed once each month in June through October, generally near the middle of each month.
  • The Camelot water sampling is performed at both the upper and lower Camelot dams.
  • The on-lake acquisition and on-shore processing of the samples requires approximately 3-4 hours.
  • All equipment necessary for taking and processing the samples is provided.
  • After the water samples are collected and processed they are shipped to Madison for analysis. Shipping supplies are provided.
  • A training session will be conducted in early June, 2020. All new members of the testing teams are expected to attend a training session.

If you are interested in this opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the water quality of our lakes, please send email to