Watershed Advisor Award 2020

The 14 Mile Creek Watershed Joint Committee would like to announce an award for a key advisor of our committee.  We’ve reached a key plateau and received a lot of recognition for the work of this committee this year.  We owe so much to so many for getting us where we are today.  I can’t imagine where we would be without the help of our key advisors. 

We recently recognized Kason Morley as 14 Mile conservation advisor of the year.  He has been the conservation advisor of our committee since he began work as the Adams County Conservationist in mid-2018.  He picked up the pieces of the 9 Key Element Plan application and brought together the resources to rewrite the application for the first combined groundwater and surface water plan in the state.  Through numerous rewrites and additions, he got it approved!  He’s helped to organize our lake testing efforts, expanding the state program to include nitrates and e coli.  And, he’s provided guidance to our committee as we adapt our goals to the watershed-wide goals of the 9 Key Element Plan.  Thank you, Kason for being a truly great Adams County Land and Water advisor for our group.  Your involvement has made a difference for us.